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Old 04-01-2006, 05:03 AM
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Default 7531 gear retards w/ nitrous

i have a 65 nova with a 427 sm blk on nitrous,what i am trying to do is use thr gear retards to take timing out with a progressive nitrous controller, when i leave the line 1st gear retard comes on and slopes from 3400 rpm and 20% nitrous @10 degrees retard to 7000 rpm and 60% nitrous and 15 degrees retard then in 2nd from 5500 rpm and 15 degrees @ 60% nitrous to 7100 and 25 degrees retard @80% nitrous, is this making sence.? i used to run it with a plate and port nozzles and just used the step retards to take out the timing when the stage was activated. it worked good but i did have problems with pistons melting once in a while,but for a 3150 lbs car with 10.5 tires it ran 8.60's @ 159mph with 400 hp in the nozzles and 250 in the plate. Now i havent tried this yet with the controller and the gear retards , so if any body knows if this will work or not please let me know , because i really dont want to melt anything , just want to haul ass
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Old 04-12-2006, 10:36 AM
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Yes, the 7531 will be able to provide the gear retard curve you are looking for. An easy way to setup the curve is to use the Gear Retard Curve graph in the Pro Data Software.

Sorry about the delay in the response.
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