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Old 09-17-2012, 10:05 AM
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Default Spark plug gap?

I know this has been covered many times but interesting to note.

I have an alfa flat four boxer with 9:5:1 compression I believe. No more than 10.

Had the stock ignition with NGK copper plugs with a 0.6mm gap (0.023")

When I used the 6A and SS blaster coil I experiences hesitation up to 3000 rpm and even some detonation.
Timing didn't make any difference. All set ok.

I'm using slightly large than stock idle and main jets also.

This weekend I opened to the gap to 0.95mm (0.037") and the symptoms began to disappear.

Will check the plugs again and open them to 0.40".
Getting the impression the plugs like a larger gap with the MSD.
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