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Old 08-13-2012, 01:26 PM
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Default The Real Ultimate Driving Machine

I run long distance rallies in my Cobra Replica. When there is a problem, we can be stranded way out in the boonies waiting many hours for a flatbed to take us home. This has happened several times and it ruins the whole day and wastes a lot of money. I have taken the NASA approach to this and installed redundant systems wherever possible. For instance, I have two Carter fuel pumps and can switch from one to the other from the driver’s seat.

I run a small block Chevy engine for maximum reliability and ease of repair. I have gauges and very bright idiot lights for critical functions.

To prevent ignition failures, I have taken many precautions. I have switched to MSD only ignition components. I feel like they are the best on the market. I have two ignition boxes, a 6 and a 6AL. I have two coils, a Blaster 2 and a 8222. I use a MSD automatic dual coil selector and wired a DPDT switch to allow me to switch from one system to the other while the engine is running. I also have a MSD tachometer switch so either system runs the tach.

My distributor is a 8361 with vacuum and mechanical advance. I have dealt with ruptured vacuum advance diaphragms by plugging the vacuum hose and advancing the timing as little. I can easily switch out the distributor cap and rotor when necessary. However, I cannot change the magnetic pickup on the side of the road. I know that these sometimes fail. As you know replacing this component requires almost total disassembly of the distributor. I would like to install a second (backup) magnetic pickup in my distributor.

I purchased a MSD dual pickup distributor base. However, that will not work with the vacuum advance. I need the vacuum advance for better fuel mileage on the long runs. We have competed in the 12 hour Starlite Rally (Los Angeles to Las Vegas) seven times. I figured out how to install the second magnetic pickup on the vacuum advance plate by attaching it backwards and upside down on top of the original one. However, the reluctor does not point to both pickups at the same time, so I will have to reset the timing to use the second one. It is very difficult to offset the second pickup to align correctly in this distributor.

Can you come up with a dual magnetic pickup unit that will fit into this distributor, please?


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