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Old 10-07-2012, 01:05 AM
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Default 6al fresh build 78 ford 2.8 ford cranks/fires dies on run


6al - blaster 2 ss - stock ford 2.8 dizzy with new rotor/cap + plugs/wires - Freshly built motor with a custom street cam grind - starter good / starter relay good - carb - electric fuel pump traced through an enertia switch and remote toggle - auto c4 - new ignition switch on column also

1978 Pinto

The prob: fresh motor in the redone car. The car/motor will run in the (ignition start) position with the key and with a remote starting switch; however, as soon as the key is placed to the run position (thinking the motor is firing on its own) the car will die. I have the timing pretty close to being correct no back fires, and I am sure the motor is firing from all the exhaust fumes in the garage.

I have gone over all the pages in the trouble shooting section to find out how to test the 6al by jumping the wires. It is hooked up as ford trigger on distributor. orange wire to blaster + followed all directions in wiring the ignition. double checked all wires.

Only thing in trouble shooting section that came close to this prob was a faulty distributor. (uhhg) it is mounted on back of this car and will be a PITA to get out if it needs to be changed. no room back there.

I do know that all 6 spark plugs are getting spark, i did test each of them with an in line lighted tester.

I will be going over all the tests that i found links to for this set up to make sure all is good on this unit. Wanted to get this thread started and toss out this problem for anyone to help with if you have experienced the same thing.

Also want to try the altornater and unhook it to see if this helps, read that one post around page 8 that sounded interesting about too much juice then he hooked up a battery charger at low amps. interesting there was no follow up to see/say what fixed that problem.

Haven't checked volts on the red wire for the start/run s of yet. will be doing this test in AM (sunday) as I wasn't aware of what tests to perform to check powers and volts.

cheers and thanks for any help/info.

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Old 10-07-2012, 10:13 PM
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Default yeah i fixed it... thanks for reading

I was able to figure out that I had the wrong wire connected to the red thin wire from the ignition switch. What I thought was correct wasn't. what I did to solve this was, connected the red wire directly to the battery, and then tried the key. It ran fine after starting. So i knew I had to find the proper wire... after a few minutes of decifering the situation I found the right one.

thanks all who read this post.

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