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Thread: Troubleshoot 6-m2 marine

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    Default Troubleshoot 6-m2 marine

    I have a 6m2, with 55e5 and 4489 shift assist hooked up to a 460 ford/omc. Today I started the engine and all of a sudden it just quit running. I tested for spark with coil wire and had none. I then tested the MSD coil by jumping the green and violet wires and yes the coil wire sparked when jumper was removed. I also now have spark and the engine runs.

    What's up with that?? My question would be is that some sort of reset for the 6-m2 box?
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    good morning sir,

    the issue you are having is not going to be with the ignition system. if it was the box then the motor wouldn't start at all


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