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Thread: Unswitched 12v directly to the coil? 6AL/8563 Pro-Billet

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    Default Unswitched 12v directly to the coil? 6AL/8563 Pro-Billet

    I just purchased a 65 Pontiac that has a 6AL/8563 Pro-Billet setup installed. The wiring on the car is pretty sloppy and in cleaning it up I noticed that there is a hot lead directly from the battery to the coil "-" post.

    Any known/common reason that the previous owner would have done this instead of the standard install method?

    At the very least I'd like to run a switched 12v with a fuse if not just change it over to the black lead from the box to the coil "-" post

    msed as installed 65 Pontiac.jpg

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    The coil negative should go to ground, the small black lead as paired with the coil positive orange.
    No other option.



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