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Thread: Misfire on acceleration

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    Default Misfire on acceleration

    Ok, So I tried Holley and MSD tech support and they keep passing me to each other. Trying to get some help figuring cause of misfire.
    BB chevy with less than 2K miles on it. Holley EFI controlling MSD ignition (MSD 6A,Locked up distributor,no vac advance).
    Was running fine until I took it for a dyno. 3 pulls and between 2nd and 3rd, I increased total advance to 40 degree to see if I can push more (which I did) at 3rd pull the dyno guy mentioned it's missing after 4500 rpm and I saw it on graphs. Ever since, started acting up. Misfiring under heavy acceleration. Checked wiring OK. replaced my blaster SS to blue HVC coil. Plugs and wires looked normal. Problem is there still. I didn't have a spare dizzy cap to make a hole and check that phasing but I ordered one. Any thoughts? I'm thinking, if the phasing was bad, I should've had this issue once I started controlling timing with EFI. Can't think of anything else other than phasing is being off. Next thing I'll try is to put the weights back into dizzy and let it work as normal and see how it goes. Please input.

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    if it is locked out yes you will need to phase the rotor so drill the hole in the cap, get it set and go from there.


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