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Thread: Grid Rev limiters quit working

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    Default Grid Rev limiters quit working

    Just installed a Grid and made 3 test passes friday night. Everything seemed to work as it should. Pulled the car out of the trailer on saturday morning to make more test passes and no rev limits at all. No 2 step, burnout or high end. I checked all the wiring and it is correct. Box indicates that it should be working and shows it working but doesn't work at all. I know the system is seeing the burnout switch as it should and the 2 step functions correctly and is pulling timing out as it should and indicates so on the laptop. Box just doesn't do anything for REV limits. Had several of my buddies who run Grid look at the system as well and they all agreed everything was correct. Anyone have a fix for this?

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    what ignition box are you using with the grid? 7720? or a different box?


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