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Thread: 6al programmable smell & battery drain.

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    Default 6al programmable smell & battery drain.

    First, this is my very first MSD box so it's all new to me. When I opened the packaging I noticed a burnt computer component smell. I opted to install anyways, since I figured it had to be returned it had to be returned but if it worked I'd saved time. The box ended up working, but it seems to be draining my battery. The box itself was purchased new and I installed it about 4 weeks ago. My truck has 350 with an new HEI dizzy, new MSD coil cap & rotor, my battery is about a year old, and both my battery & alternator have both been tested & passed.


    1. Is the burnt component smell normal? It doesn't seem to have gotten any worse nor better.
    2. My box draws .66amp to .72 while with the ignition off. Is that normal? I have the box hooked directly to battery, since that is how I read the wiring diagram. The only other draw I have, while the key is off & out, is the stereo that draws .16amp.
    3. I'm finding that once the cranking voltage falls below 11 volts the box will only throw one initial spark then no spark. Is that normal? I've read the box won't fire if voltage falls below 10 volts but mine won't fire if it falls below 11. As example, my battery is down to 10.8 cranking volts and the box throws either one initial spark or no spark at all. If I cycle the key, the box will again only throw one spark or no spark.

    I'm currently charging the battery, since that fixed it before. My concern is the smell isn't normal and the box has some type of internal problem causing battery drain.

    UPDATE - I opted to call MSD Tech support and have been advised the box shouldn't smell nor have any draw while ignition is off. They provided me a repair number to send the unit in for warranty repair.
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