I currently have a small block 302 with edelbrock heads Xe268h cam roller rockers , rpm intake Holley street avenger 670 . With msd 6 box digital ecurve . And msd blaster 2

I have ran this setup for about 9 months now.
The last time I took the car out for a drive it was a Warmer day than usual. No issues with overheating though . I drove around for about 30 minutes cruising around the town. Cane around a corner at 20 mph and heard a slight pop noise from the Engine. Car stumbled and eventually stalled out. Tried to restart it but wouldn’t run without increasing the throttle. I babied it back to my garage. First checked all my fluids . All clean and full. Pulled valve covers checked the valve train no issues everything running straight and normal. Cranked Engine with no ignition on. No ticks or banging of any sort. I checked all spark plugs as well . All even and clean. Plug wires looked fine no burn marks. Checked the cap and rotor . Still looking brand new. I double checked my ground wires I have one ground to the block and the block to the frame. Have 12 volts steady going to the msd box .

Could the ecurve short out?

The ecurve can be ran without the box so I eliminated the box and ran just the distributor . The Engine ran somewhat better but still very rough and shaky . What else should I check?

I was either thinking to check the compression on all cylinders and perhaps switching out the distributor to see if that solves the problem.

Any tips? I’m almost stumped .

Thank you!