I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.9L magnum gas engine. I installed the following MSD components: 6201 Digital 6A ignition, 8253 HVC-II coil, 8910 Tach Adapter, and 32189 8.5mm Super Conductor wires.

I have driven about 1000 miles since installing these components. At about 400 miles, after an hour drive, the engine started stalling sputtering and acting like there was water in the fuel (there's not -I've checked). It sputtered until I came to a stop and then it immediately died when I put it in park. I could not find any discernible problems (engine was not overheating, proper oil and coolant levels, no leaking fluids, electric engine fans were working, etc.). After letting it cool for 10 minutes, I started it back up and it idled normally and the CEL came on. I drove home with no further problems. I had the codes read and got a Dodge Trouble Code 72 (ECU ROM checksum malfunction) which indicates a corrupted ABS brake controller and should have nothing to do with the engine. The problem did not occur again for another 400 miles. At about 800 miles, the problem reappeared one day and has happened almost every time I've driven it since (8 out of the last 10 drives). It is intermittent and has occurred in every gear, both driving at constant speed and under acceleration. It only occurs after the engine is fully warmed up to operating temperature. Once it begins, if I take my foot off the gas and allow it to return to idle, it smooths out and begins to idle normally; if I accelerate, it begins to sputter and miss and shake at about 1600 rpm. The more I accelerate the engine (whether in gear or in park), the worse the shaking/missing. It occurred under hard acceleration once and the shaking was so violent, I thought the engine was going to break out of its mounts. When it occurs, I pull over, turn off the vehicle, wait a few seconds (not long enough for the engine to cool) then start it back up and it runs with no problems for several more miles before reappearing, sometimes it doesn't reappear for the rest of that drive. What is happening?