Looking for a reputable shop to fix installation of the system on my 1976 chevy pickup with a 350 in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington.

Iíve spent way too much time and money at a shop that does not want to follow instructions. I am having a hard time starting hot and cold, and it just dies when on the freeway. Contrary to the MSD instructions, they installed the fuel pump and filter in the engine compartment higher than the fuel tank, and used some of the original hard lines in combination with the supplied hose. This may be why it dies on the freeway (cativation or air in lines)? I also believe they have not set the throttle blades which may be why it is hard to start? They refuse to call MSD tech support.

I am a terrible mechanic so I need someone to redo this install according to the instructions in hopes it can be sorted. When running it is so much nicer than the carburetor, I am very impressed.

Thanks in advance for your shop recommendations!