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Thread: Dual vs. single plane intakes

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    Default Dual vs. single plane intakes

    On another forum I was reading about a couple guys that have various other brand EFI systems and the general consensus is they all were very satisfied with the systems overall but all were having issues getting that final bit of just perfect running sorted out. Every one of them that's had a dual plane intake and added an open spacer between the throttle body and the intake has said they cleared their settings and reset their systems and it was instantly better all needing just minor final tweaks to get it dialed in...

    Which then gets me thinking I'm still fighting minor issues beyond the strange grinding noise on mine. I've got a 1/2" spacer on mine already but it's not open. What's the thoughts on me cutting out the center of the spacer to open it up?

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    Yes, cut it out, easy experiment.



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