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Thread: Atomic timing control with hei

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    For those who wish to utilize atomic timing control with an HEI distributor, this is how I did it with a 6AL:
    1- remove the ignition module from the distributor, connect the magnetic pickup wires from the atomic(green=negative, purple=positive) to your distributor pickup wires that plugged into the module.
    2- connect the yellow wire from Atomic to the White wire of the 6AL. Connect your orange(+) and black(-) wires from the 6AL to the respective + and - terminals of the coil.
    That's the wiring, but first you must lockout the distributor. I removed the cap, temporarily put a tie band around the mechanical advance to keep it closed. I then drilled two small holes through each of the weights and through the housing mounted to the shaft. I tapped two machine screws through the holes to prevent mechanical advance from moving, and removed the springs. vacuum advance: fastened it to where it would not move. After all this was done, I set the handheld to "lock timing". Then started the car and set distributor to 15 degrees as in atomic install manual. The rest is in the manual. enjoy!🙂
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