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Thread: P/N 7222 and 8261 questions (orange and black wire)

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    Default P/N 7222 and 8261 questions (orange and black wire)

    Orange and black wire have been misplaced, are these special insulated wires for the 570 volts coming out of the 7222? Are there any considerations for running these wires? Not much info in the instructions.

    Other questions:

    The 7222 puts out 570 volts and the 8261 is 70:1, does this mean the maximum voltage is 570 x 70 = 39,900?

    Running a Holley EFI. I've found information that dwell can be 2.0 to 2.5. Will lower dwell mean less volts? What if it's set at 1.5?

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    Further questions:

    Should the trigger wires be shielded on an EFI installation? (Holley HP EFI)

    Should a noise filter (MSD PN 8830) be installed on an EFI installation?

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    The coil wires used with the MSD 7222 is a standard multi-strand 18GA wire.
    The dwell time trigger to the MSD Ignition box does not affect the total output of the ignition box. However, in order to trigger the ignition box the dwell must be between 2.0 - 2.5ms.
    The total output of the ignition box can be affected by low input voltage to the box.
    Use of the 8830 does not depend on EFI or Carbureted application.
    MSD Tech Support


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