Been trying to get in touch with a live person at msd to get an rma # to return a digital 6 plus that has been a real pain ! Hung up on (or cut off by system ) 3 times 1 day , 45 min worth of my time the last try only ti find the lines were about to be shut down , anyway rewired everything as recommended by tech (and then some ) !!! I have a bad box ! Period , no bad ground , no interference from trigger wires or anything else !! Period !! Crazy timing stuff going on ! Installed another 6plus known to be good , runs flawlessly, removed it and ruturned it to friend I borrowed it from then reinstalled my old 6al and it works perfect , the new 6plus is faulty ! Period !! But I can't get thru the phone lines to get an rma # anyone else have this kind of luck or is it just me???