Installed the MSD Atomic on my 67 mustang 302 this weekend. It runs amazing other than fighting the stalling issue MANY others have and are having when coming off rpm and down to idle. I've been playing with the settings here and there trying to learn what does what. This morning when I got to work I sat in the parking lot and was writing down my settings to come on here and post a question when I found that my target idle was set to 0. I know 10000000% I didn't make that change. There's literally ZERO chance that I scrolled it down from the 850 I had it set at down to 0. NO WAY NO HOW!!!!

So curious, what could've I done that made this change and set it to zero? Or is this a glich with the system?

(I'm not going to bother asking what's up with mine cause I want to run it as it is set right now with the target idle at 850 as I set it again this morning.)