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Thread: voltmaster 2 coil voltge

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    Default voltmaster 2 coil voltge

    I have a six cylinder running a mallory 24 series dual point ditributor and a voltmaster 2 coil with a mallory ballast resistor.
    my question is I have 10.5 volts input at the coil is this ok.
    I'm also having problems with condensors failing regulary.
    Thank you Darren

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    With that voltage you shouldn't really have issues with the condenser failing, however what is the voltage on the negative side of the coil when the vehicle is running? If, it is not 6-9 volts that could be a reason for it to be failing. If you are lower then 6 volts try removing the ballast resistor and see how many volts you get because it maybe possible that the coil is a high resistance coil. I don't believe you will be more than 9 volts but, if you are you would have to add a second ballast resistor to the system to get it in between the 6 to 9 volt range.


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