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Thread: Fuel pressure regulator

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    Default Fuel pressure regulator

    I'm going to be installing the fuel system for the Atomic on my car tomorrow and plumbing it in hopes of firing it up tomorrow. I'll be running a return line with the regulator on the return side after the throttle body. I've got an aeromotive regulator and it's got a nipple for vacuum. Couple questions...

    Is vacuum needed on the regulator or as long as it's adjusted properly will it work?

    If vacuum is needed, I'm assuming I need ported vacuum and not manifold?

    If ported is needed, Do I have to rig up a "T" of some sort because the Atomic manifold only has 1 ported vacuum spot from what's shown in the instructions and I'm using that source for the vacuum advance on my distributor. I'm kind of surprised there's only one ported option for vacuum on this thing honestly...


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    Manifold vacuum on the regulator.
    But you might run no vacuum initially, and run fixed fuel pressure.



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