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Thread: Newbie to motor homes has a few questions...

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    Default Newbie to motor homes has a few questions...

    I recently inherited a 1986 Fleetwood Southwind motor home that was
    built on a 1985 Chev P30 motor home chassis. It has a 454 engine
    with a 4bbl carburetor and a 4L80E automatic overdrive transmission...

    It was parked in early 2015 with carburetor and differential
    problems and used as a backyard spare bedroom and kitchen.

    The owner's smoking caught up with him, he passed away from lung
    cancer, I ended up being given the motor home. It hadn't been
    started since 2015. I had it towed to my friends property, and
    it's now parked there. Swapping the rear end with a salvage yard
    replacement and a rebuilt carburetor fixed those issues.

    My day job is as a two-way radio tech (i.e. an electronics tech).
    I have 30 years of self-taught knowledge of automotive repair.
    For a while I helped a desert racing team with their radios and
    the wiring of the race cars. A number of the race cars had MSD
    systems installed in them, and I was impressed - enough to
    install a 6A into a friends 1981 Suburban (454) that frequently
    was used to tow a 20-24 foot trailer.
    It ended up getting an #8680 adjustable timing control under the
    dash a few months after the 6A was installed.

    In my case all I want is just good solid RV performance... and
    to not have to touch the ignition system again as engine access
    in the Southwind is a major pain in the posterior.

    To me it looks like all I'm going to need is a Digital 6 or a
    6A or similar. A crank sensor would seem to be overkill.

    I don't know if the 1985/86 454 had a pointless ignition?
    If it has points do you have a conversion kit?

    If possible I'd appreciate a wiring diagram of how to put
    whatever unit you suggest into the 1986/87 Chev 454 ignition
    wiring harness. What changes are required? Would a harness
    kit be needed?

    I may add the #8680 adjustable timing control later on.
    Is there a later design, perhaps an automagic adjustable
    timing control? One that automatically ramps up the timing
    until it pings and then backs it off?
    I would probably have to add a knock sensor...I doubt if
    they existed in 1985/86...

    Will your transmission controller talk to the 4L80E
    that I have? What benefit would I receive for installing

    Your comments are welcome... including answering any
    questions I should have asked.

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    Does it have an adjustable HEI style distributor?

    What's controlling the "e" transmission, now ?

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    > Does it have an adjustable HEI style distributor?
    Yes, if that was Chevrolet 454 stock in 1985 / 1986.
    I've added that to my "things to check on the next
    trip to the motor home storage lot" list.

    > What's controlling the "e" transmission, now ?
    The engine, transmission and underhood area is dead stock
    except for a electric fuel pump.
    There is no switch or anything labeled "Overdrive", just the
    gearshift on the side of the steering column - I was told it
    should have 7 positions, P, R, N, OD, D, 2, 1 but it only
    has six - OD is missing.
    On my next trip to the lot I'll look for a cable coming out
    of the side of the transmission and follow it.
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    >> Does it have an adjustable HEI style distributor?
    Yes, it does. I popped the distributor cap and it has the standard pointless magnetic pickup.

    >> What's controlling the "e" transmission, now ?
    Haven't got that far yet.

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    When you take the distributors cap off. Can you rotate the rotor back and forth. Or does it not move at all when you try to rotate it?

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    I will check that and get back to you on my next visit to where it is.

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    Sorry about the delay in responding, real life got in the way.

    Yes, the rotor moves back and forth...

    The distributor also has a black electronic module inside
    (can't tell if it's 4 pins or 5 pins - yet), a condenser
    inside, and a vacuum advance unit on the outside.
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