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Thread: Atomic suddenly not firing

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    Default Atomic suddenly not firing

    Hi I have an atomic efi fitted to Australian 2502v 6cyl with aussiespeed 4 barrel manifold, been running sweet since sept 2016. Fortnight ago on way home from car show we had torrential rain, got home and pulling into driveway car died, it hasn't run since, what I found 6AL ign module went intermittent, so replaced it and coil at same time, car now fires but wont run, (unless I trickle fuel down carby) I got a WBO2 error H on controller, so I have replaced that today. Still doesn't run, and if I crank without turning the key to off before each attempt it doesn't fire. I am assuming I have either a map sensor or ecu problem but no error codes on diagnostics now. Can you point me in the right direction ? P.S Battery is fully charged, I have fuel pressure 20odd psi, and I cracked fuel rail open to be sure fuel was actually at carby, checked all connections redid gnds and took 6AL straight to battery, sort of at a loss where to go next

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    What voltage on the ignition feed to all modules while cranking?


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    When you are cranking the motor over in the handheld for the Atomic what does it show for RPM?


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