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Thread: no timing change

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    Default no timing change

    I have an 05 ls 5.3 w/Atomic EFI and 6010 timing controller.
    no difference in any of the six pills or with custom timing curve setting it from 0-50 degrees.
    having a bad run on with temp readings from 150 degrees up.
    had this problem even with the 600CFM Holley I ran for a while. been doing this for 3-4 years. I replaced the 6010 controller once during this time.
    car seems to run good but the run on is killing me. engine runs normal temps between 179-186 degrees...180 T-stat...2 speed fan w/shroud (Atomic controlled)...aluminum 2 row radiator.
    cold starts great (down into the 20s). no hot start problems.

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    When you say "run on" I'm assuming you are referring to dieseling.
    Have you checked the spark plugs? Have you tried running a colder plug?
    MSD Tech Support


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