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Thread: MSD DIS -2 pn 62112 + COIL PN 8239 AND TACH ADAPTER PN 8912 OR 89121

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    Default MSD DIS -2 pn 62112 + COIL PN 8239 AND TACH ADAPTER PN 8912 OR 89121

    Dear Tech Support,

    I am improving my Sebring Turbo. Since years ago I use the coil from MSD with very good results.

    Some days ago I install the MSD system with MSD 6AL in the Jetta 2.0 of my wife and really the upgrade of performance was awesome.

    Now I trying to buy the system for my Sebring R/T Turbo 2.4 lt.

    I check and I need to buy the Ignition system PN62112, and one Tach adapter PN 89121 or 8912 (According with the manual of the DIS-2 for the Sebring is 8912, but the electric diagram in the coil 8239 use the PN 89121)

    Some questions from my side are:
    1 The Best performance is with the Ignition DIS-2 PN 62112
    2 Which is the number of the Tach adapter for the Sebring.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

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    Unfortunately the DIS-2 (PN 62112) and the Dual Ignition Adapters (PN 8912 and 89121) were discontinued some time ago.
    To answer the question, the 89121 Dual Ignition Adapters are primarily for the individual coils-per-cylinder and the 8912 would be more for the waste-spark applications. Usually.

    What year model is this application?
    MSD Tech Support


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