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Thread: 6AL-2 Programmable Initial Start up

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    Default 6AL-2 Programmable Initial Start up

    I'm about to install a new MSD Pro-Billet distributor along with the 6AL-2 # 6520 ig nition box.

    Pretty sure I have a good idea of how to set the run curve to achieve a start retard but have a couple questions.

    1) Do I need to program the 6AL-2 at all to initially get the car started or, will it work without any programming as a normal/non-programmable 6AL?

    2) Do I need to apply +12v to the pink wire to use the Run Retard curve feature to achieve the start retard I program?

    Thanks for any help,

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    You do not need to set up anything initially in the software to start the vehicle. Also, you do not need to apply 12V to the pink wire as that is for the step retard. The run retard curve is based off of RPM so nothing is needed to activate it.


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