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Thread: Motorhome Conversion for CA?

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    Default Motorhome Conversion for CA?

    Hi Everyone!
    So, I have a 1984 Airstream Motorhome. Chevy P30 chassis with a Quadrajet'd 454. Weighs in at 18,000lb.

    When I bought it in Kansas, it had a fresh Jasper 454, Banks Power kit and runs great. However, when I got home to CA I found that all the OEM, Carb and smog gear was missing, broken or disconnected.

    It's a Federal smog version and after months of reserarch I found what I think is the correct smog configuration.
    Quadrajet carb, AIR, EFE controlled by vacuum TVS. No EGR, No Charcoal canister.

    The Carb was an Edelbrock performer, the complete smog pump, air injection, and pipework was all missing. The EVE valve is broken as well as all the TVS valves are broken.

    I have the searched and gradually found most of the stuff now. A rebuilt correct Carb, and most of the smog gear now but the smog pump diverted valve is broken, and NLA anywhere, like the EFE valve in the exhaust the TVS switches.
    I looked at swapping a TBI setup from a later 454 on but it seemed complicated and still old!
    It's been a huge uphill battle!

    This news that I could bolt on MSD Atomic FI on her and pass CA smog came as a bombshell!
    But I have questions!

    1/ Will the MSD Atomic be able to handle the unusual heat and load in the Motorhome?
    2/ To pass CA smog would I just go to a Star Smog Station or do I need to go to a Referee?
    3/ With the problems I am having finding the missing or NLA smog parts, would the Smog test accept the fact I am missing some of the OEM components if the emissions are good?

    Now onto fitting issues...
    1/ The 80 gallon gas tank is some 30' behind the engine I doubt running rubber pipe is practical or wise. Can I use the original 3/8 metal piping or run new lines?
    2/ There is a return line, so returnless or return?

    Many other questions... but I want to get this baby back on the road this year!

    Help me MSD!!!!

    This is how she looks to date...
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    OK, figured out how to post a pic!

    Here she is!

    006 (4).JPG

    Anyone have any opinion, comment or Knowledge???


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