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Thread: 69 Bronco w/crate 302 - MSD Atomic EFI won't run right

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    Default 69 Bronco w/crate 302 - MSD Atomic EFI won't run right

    I have a 1969 Ford Bronco with a new crate 302. I put the entire MSD EFI atomic set up in it, the entire thing - it cuts out, even when it warms up. The idle never sets right. I get to a stop sign and it dies. Everything I have read in my Bronco forums is that this system never runs right and I should have gotten the Holley Sniper set up.

    Anybody have any idea how i can get this set up to function properly - I've got vacuum, the right coil and it's all tight. This just won't run right. And i paid twice what the Holley goes for...very frustrated.

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    Good luck. I've been battling the install on my '74 for a year now and ready to toss it.

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    Wish I would have went with Holley. MSD Support sucks!!


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