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Thread: Mallory 8354M Troubleshooting

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    Default Mallory 8354M Troubleshooting

    Hi, I am after some solid information on my Mallory Billet comp 8354M Distributor.
    It is a 3wire, but when cap is pulled it does not appear to have the round module plate just a blue pick up, hope im wrong?

    Problems: Engine starts first click of the key and runs perfect for 10-15 mins then stops dead just like the key has been turned off, wait 5 secs and starts and runs again like normal and it happens again and again but run time gets shorter until it will only run for 30 secs and do it. It is hooked up to a MSD Blaster coil.
    The info I am reading is very conflicting on this model it is NOT a unilite, Does this model need the special coil?,does it need a ballast resistor?,what is the part number for a replacement module?, Does this problem sound like the module is overheating and failing?, Any help much appreciated,Thanks

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    Those distributor has a module underneath the magnetic pickup.

    No resistor required they have to run on full 12 volts. for testing purpose run a wire from battery (+) to coil (+) to see if it makes a difference.


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