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Thank you both, I think we have worked out it is how i have wired the switch up. I wired it up by using the same wire the painless kit had and replaced it where it was on the switch, Such as the purple neutral wire went to where it was last time.

I cant get a diagram up of my switch but:
- Top prong was Violet and went to Neutral safety switch - Replaced with Painlesses purple neutral safety ignition switch wire.

- Red wire was battery feed - Replaced with the 2 battery feeds from painless

- Brown wire was Accesories - Replaced with brown accessory wire

- Pink was coil wire - Replaced with Coil wire

- Yellow went to the coil wire and has power under Start - I assumed this was Painlesses orange wire that says 'Ignition Switched Fuse Panel'

I believe this wire to be the one that i have wired to the wrong place, not sure what else it runs but i know the fuel pump is connected to that circuit.

I only have 3 spare prongs, one is constant power, the other 2 have no power under any key turns unless i wire up a constant power supply to one and then the other has power under Start.

Do i have the wires in the right place as you have pointed out the Neutral safety doesnt sound right (does work though).

This is painlesses wiring instructions for Ignition switch.
Pur/Wht Ignition Start (Neutral Safety switch)
Pnk Ignition Coil
Brn Accessory Fuse Panel
Orn Ignition Switched Fuse Panel
Red* Battery B+
Red* Battery B+

Thank you both for the help, apologise if the above is confusing
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