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Yes my car has a 4 position switch and it was working before i installed a painless wiring kit and the msd ignition. I am guessing the issue is with the painless wiring but their support hasnt been so good. This is how the switch is wired:

There are 8 prongs on my ignition switch.
2x Constant Power
1x Acc
2x IGN (Coil and Neutral safety switch wire)
1x Start (Fuel pump and not sure what else runs off the start wire)
2x Spare (1 will work as another Start if i put power to the other)

With the old wiring the Start wire prong used to connect to the IGN prong wire along the way, i assume to give it more Volts to create a spark under cranking.

If i try do this via a jumper wire then the fuel pump (not sure what else is connected to the Start wire) comes on with key at IGN but i then get sparks.

The only way i can think of is to Put power to one of the spare prongs and then jump the second spare prong (comes on under cranking) to the coil wire (connected to MSD). I am just unsure if this is the right way to do it.
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