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Default car shut of no ignition


i recently have a probleme with my engine.
it starts good but when i drive it it stops running very soon,today after 3km and yesterday even after 100 meter
it is really sudden like you turn of the ignition key.
so i don't think it is the feul pump,but i will check it anyway.
i gues more it is the ignition,i have a MSD systeme on it.

-soft touch rev controle
-Blaster High Vibration Coil

so i want to try to find out what is not working:
-is there a way to override the MSD 6T box?
-can i change the MSD coil with a stock?

yesterday after it shut down again,we did that test with the white wire that you have to ground.
if ground that wire the spark plug only sparks one time.
and if i have done this the engine starts again.
it is like the MSD box reset or something.
but the probleme stays there some time later the engine shut off again.
any thoughts?

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