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Default spark plug gap with 6a

I have a SBC 355 with vortec heads. I have the delco cheap plugs that I gapped at 40 and Ultra 40 shielded wires. I installed the 6a along with an 85551 and didn't touch the plugs. Last nite I had one plug fail on me but after changing it the car ran great. Today I had another one fail. I check for dead cylinders with a thermal gun on the header tubes. It ran almost good for about 10 minutes but it runs like junk now and the symptoms point to the plugs again. Does the gap I have kill the plugs with the 6a? I picked up some NGK's V power today and what gap should I be setting them at? I'm under 10-1 compression and am running a ZZ4 roller cam if that matters.
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