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Default MSD Ignition Control troubleshooting Help

My MSD issue:

- I bought a MSD ignition control (6AL-2), a new blaster coil, and using my Distributor (has rotor button).

- Just rewired my car with a painless wiring kit.

Wired the Ignition control:

- Heavy red to constant power feed

- Black to body ground

- Orange and black wires to Coil (only ones connected to coil)

- White wire to black wire on Distributor

- The 12v Coil feed is the coil feed that comes with the painless wiring, this goes to 12 ignition control and also to red wire from Distributor.


Turn the ignition on, Red light flashes on then off on the ignition control, Crank the engine and no spark is produced and light on ignition control does nothing.


As per manual I touch the white wire to body ground, great it sparks all the way to the spark plug not just at the coil lead. As soon as I reconnect white wire to distributor and crank I get the same problem.

It seems whenever I try to wire up the distributor with the ignition control it wont spark under cranking, this is both at the spark plug and also at the coil.
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