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Default Moisture problems

Just wanted to let everybody know of the problem I am having with my Pro-Billet #8353 distributor. Its the one for the flathead Ford with the 3-hole front cover and it uses the "crab" cap. The problem is that after putting about 1000 miles on it, the engine starting running sluggish and felt as if the timing was really retarded. I took the cap off the distributor and I was shocked to see the amount of corrosion and carbon tracking going on inside the cap. Even the reluctor wheel was so rusty I could just pick off big flakes of rust. I had to remove the distributor and clean up the inside as best I could. Then, before I ordered a new cap (the rotor was actually OK), I cleaned up the old one and put a little dielectric grease around each terminal, and I also drilled a couple of holes in the side of the cap that faced the ground.
I believe that because of the high humidity in Hawaii coupled with the fact that the caps fit so perfectly tight on an unvented setup, that the constant heating up and cooling off of the humid air inside the distributor caused enough condensation to create the problem of slight water pooling inside the cap and a distributor that was always soaking wet inside.
After I cleaned up the cap, put the grease and drilled the holes to vent, the engine ran just like the day I installed the thing...PERFECT.
Well, needless to say I ordered 2 extra caps and put a new one on. Also, I drilled a couple holes to vent the air, so hopefully the venting will alleviate the problem.
Sorry so long-winded, but I figured this might be a problem that not too many poeple have had yet.
Thanks for your time!
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